Dear students, instructors and further interested,

The online conference titled “Intercultural Perspectives on Information Literacy and Metaliteracy” took place on February 25th in 2023 at 2:00 – 6:00 pm CET.
On the conference there were student and instructor presentations from around the world and open discussions to share thoughts and ideas.

You can find the recording of the conference on our YouTube channel

A conference report is also available.

Conference Programme 2023

The topics have been presented by participating students from India, Bosnia-Herzegovina, US, Poland and Germany in the form of screencasts.

Furthermore, very interesting key note presentations are part of the program.

You can find both, the presentation slides and screencast of each group below.

2:00 PM – Welcome

2:15 PM – Group 1: Google as an information gatekeeper

Members: Laura Krauze, Katharina Seide, Muskan Kanodia, Barsha Podder, Dawit Netere, Dzeneta Zaklan

2:35 PM – Group 2: Digital rights for a digitally literate citizen

Members: Pakhi Vashisth, Rishika Choudhary, Teresa Naber, Marie Stickel

2:55 PM – Group 3: Gamification of information literacy learning scenarios

Members: Karen Malin Krüger, Olivia Clarissa Kaiser, Devanshi Arora

3:15 PM – Break

3:30 PM – Keynote: Being a Metaliterate Producer in a World of Al: Trudi E. Jacobson (University at Albany (State
University of New York), Tom Mackey (SUNY Empire State College)

4:00 PM – Group 4: Surveillance and data protection on the Internet

Members: Jagruti Kar, Mallika Maity, Melina Geick, Benjamin Dulic, Anna Selitski

4:20 PM – Group 5: Building research capacity through information literacy

Members: Ana Elena Banduka, Aman Suleimenov, Areeb Abbas Zaidi, Suryanshi Pateriya, Florian Swoboda, Jessica Schultz

4:40 PM – Group 6: Corporate misinformation and financial scandals

Members: Michelle Theiss, Sarah Afflerbach, RK Nongthangsana Singh, Ajla Gaši

5 PM – Break

5:10 PM – Group 7: Researching and comparing national initiatives to foster information literacy

Members: Nadia Musavi, Anaaya Joshi, Akerke Mukhamadi, Emina Škaljić, Iman Škaljić, Vivien Hampel, Corinna Marwede

5:30 PM – Group 8: Impact of algorithms on information consumption, especially in social media environments

Members: Mitra Parvary, Nicole Zurek, Nandhini Maran, Lakshmi, Yerkin Amanzhol, Luka Boskovic, Ajnur Kaniza

5:50 PM – Closing

You can find previous recordings of the conference on our Youtube channel