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Here you can find screencasts, videos and conferences about Information Literacy and Metaliteracy. The information is constantly updated.

In this section screencasts from students are linked. The students engaged with the content within the courses “Intercultural Perspectives on Information Literacy“ in the winter semester 2020/2021 and “Intercultural Perspectives on Information Literacy and Metaliteracy” in the winter semester 2021/2022.

You can use the screencasts as a learning opportunities, since they include information about the topics dealt with during the courses. Furthermore at the end of each course an online conference took place, which you can find on the YouTube channel as well.

Check out the videos you are interested in:

Intercultural Perspectives on Information Literacy and Metaliteracy (2021/2022)

Google as an information gatekeeper” by Manoj Warrier Meghana, Vinita wadhwani, Nadia Musavi, Madeline Müller, Zachary Braunstein, Linda Spann

“Technology changes and information literacy” by Mansi, Shreya Pawar, Pusmita Modal, Džena Osmanović, Lamija Selhanović, Angelica Mack

Spreading misinformation by Vidisha Madhukar, Varun Mano Mohan, Sakshi Jha,  Xenia Lieder, Helena Littau, Davud Dedić

Impact of fake news on financial markets/companies by Sidharth Rajee Nair, Ektha Sandhya, Shouray Modi, Jo-Anne Adler,Enisa Cero, Lejla Tabaković, Jovanny Rodriguez

Work on the Metaliteracy Wikipedia article by Goutami Rane, Chris Jose, Tanay Tambat, Rabea Schörshusen, Luka Bošković, Feda Kulenovic, Ellen Ballato

Intercultural Perspectives on Information Literacy (2020/2021)

“Information behavior in Corona times” by Büsra Ürker, Ria Sewlani, Neha Kumar, Atharva Tidke & Daniela Hofmann

“‘What I believe is surely true.’ How to correct cognitive errors to promote an open mind. by Isha Singh, Ishita Girme Saurav Bhardwaj, Shayantani Kundu, Alica Hoffmann & Rieka Giese

“How to cultivate Information Literacy in rural environments?” by anisha Singh, Amiya Khadilkar, Srishti Jesingh, Selma Ćebić M. & Gideon O’Donnell

“Impact of pandemic on education sector” by Marian Hansing, Simran Joshi, Halciyone Biju Mathew, Megha Kaushik, Trupti Senapati & Gülden Coskun

More information, conferences and videos about information Literacy and Metaliteracy are listed below.

International Conference Learning Information Literacy across the Globe (ILO)

“What do we mean when we talk about Information Literacy?” moderated by Maja Zumer & Alexander Botte
Guests: Shirley Chiu-Wing Wong, Stefan Dreisiebner, Jannica Heinström, Trudi Jacobson, Jan Schneider & Andrew Whitworth

Conference: Information Literacy and Democracy

“Learning intercultural aspects of information literacy: An experiential experiment involving German and Indian students” by Tessy Thadathil, Francis Jarman, Sophie März & Joachim Griesbaum