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Preliminary programme of IPILM 2024 conference

The conference will take place from 14:00-18:00 hours CET at

14:15Keynote: Pavel Stefanovič (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University): AI learning without programming
14:40The influence of AI on climate change (solutions)
15:00The influence of AI in ongoing conflicts
15:20AI and digital rights
16:00AI and datasurveillance/ AI and online privacy
16:20AI and cross language communication
17:00AI and finance
17:20AI and digital media arts

Information on the winter course in 2023-2024

Dear students, instructors and further interested,
This winter term we will have another transactional online course on Intercultural Perspectives on Information Literacy and Metaliteracy, focusing on the impact of artificial intelligence (AI).
The final online conference takes place on January 18th in 2024.
On the conference will be student and instructor presentations from around the world and open discussions to share thoughts and ideas.

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Final presentation session of the IPILM 2023 workshop on Friday July 28th

The final presentation session of the IPILM 2023 workshop will be held on Friday July 28th, 2023, 14:00 hours (CET) at

Five groups of students present their infographics on the following topics.

  • AI and Information provision
  • AI and media/information literacy education
  • AI usage in research
  • AI in education, teachers and learners perspective
  • AI and the responsibilities of the Information Producer (including text, images, sound)

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