• IPILM-Conference on 26.07.2024

    Dear students, instructors and further interested,

    on July 26th, 2024 at 2pm, the last session of this years IPILM summer course will take place. At this session, the students from Austria, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Germany, India, Poland and US will present and discuss their infographics to different intercultural aspects of information literacy and metaliteracy:

    • AI impact on local culture: language
    • AI impact on local culture: Cultural perception of AI regulation
    • AI impact on democracy: Politics
    • AI impact on democracy: Mis- and Disinformation
    • AI literacy for students and students learning process
    • Ethics of producing digital media art with GenAI

    If you want to take part, you’re welcome to join the conference on this BBB-Link on July 26th at 2pm.

    Your IPILM-Team

  • Conference report is online

    The report for the last IPILM online conference is online now. You can find it on the conference page.

  • Session reports are online

    The student session reports of the IPILM online conference in January 2024 are now uploaded on the conference page.

  • Screencasts on YouTube

    The screencasts of our online conference are now uploaded on our Youtube channel.

    Thank you all for taking part in the conference!

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