• The date for online conference in February 2023 is set

    The next conference titled “Intercultural Perspectives on Information Literacy and Metaliteracy” will take place on February 25th in 2023 from 2 PM until 6 PM CET (14:00 – 18:00 CET). We will have student and instructor presentations from around the world and open discussions to share thoughts and ideas.
    You can find more details here.
    Are you interested in joining the conference? You can sign up here.

  • Outlook on upcoming course 

    «Intercultural Perspectives on Information Literacy and Metaliteracy: A transnational online course in winter term 2022/2023»

  • The second successful workshop in 2022 is behind us!

    In August (08/15/2022 – 08/25/2022), another successful workshop called “Intercultural perspectives on information literacy and metaliteracy” was held. Instructors from Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina, USA and India were present to support the international students in their tasks. Educational and informative infographics were created within the students’ group work. The workshop was a positive experience for all participants.

  • The Date for the Online Conference in January 2022 is set

    The next conference will take place on January 28th in 2022 from 1 PM until 6 PM CET (13:00 – 18:00 CET). For this conference the following content is planned and roughly divided into three parts.

    First of all the current project „Intercultural Perspectives on Information Literacy and Metaliteracy“ will be introduced. 

    Secondly the topics “Google as an information gatekeeper”, “Technology changes and information literacy”, “Spreading misinformation”, “Impact of fake news on financial markets/companies” and “Work on the metaliteracy Wikipedia article” will be presented.

    The last part includes the workshop called “Intercultural Perspectives on Information Literacy and Metaliteracy”. 

    More information about the upcoming conference in 2022 is available on this website at “Online conference in January 2022”. Further details will be announced soon!

    Moreover, information about the past conference schedule (January 30th 2021) can be found on this website as well at “EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES”. In addition, the last conference was published on YouTube.

  • The new course for the winter term 2021/2022 has started

    In the winter term 2021/2022 the transnational online course “Intercultural Perspectives on Information Literacy and Metaliteracy” takes place. Experts from Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina, India, USA and Austria are acting as instructors for the course. Moreover, several students from each mentioned country are participating as well. The goal is to gain knowledge about information literacy and metaliteracy in an international learning space. After completing the contents and learning tasks an online conference will take place in order to share the gained knowledge more widely.

    Click to see the poster of the project course (winter semester 2021/2022):